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AllAutoInfo.Club Rules

Discussion in 'AllAutoInfo.Club Rules' started by DonMeccanico, .

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    Jul 12, 2016
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    AllAutoInfo.Club Rules

    Dear AllAutoinfo.Club Members! Please become familiar with the rules in force on this forum.

    1. The main language of communication on this forum is English.
    2. Please respect each other. Treat others how you would like them to treat you. Swearing in any form are unacceptable. If this noticed, the user will be immediately banned.
    3. You cannot ask questions in an already established theme with no relation to it. It is better to create a new topic.
    4. The forum is prohibited pornographic materials (video, photos, links, passwords, and so on). Scenes of violence, commercials, shot in the field of military operations are prohibited too. Information about the banned drugs and products under the laws of any country is not allowed to place on the forum. The penalty for the placement of such materials is an immediate addition to the list of banned.
    5. Post links to other resources in the messages and signatures prohibited. As you can guess, for it also takes you to the list of banned. An exception are links to download the files.
    6. The forums similar subjects links to this resource is forbidden. You will be banned if you do it.
    7. A link to the file must be closed by using tag "hide". Do not attach text files in a theme. Additional information about the tag "hide" and other bbcode is located here.

    [hide=0] Your Links [hide]
    8. Discussion of the religion in any manifestation is prohibited. For these goals it`s better to look for thematic forums.
    9. It`s strictly forbidden to post and ask for permission to place kеуgеns, сrасk, sеriаl numbеrs and other topics relating to hасking sоftwаrе. Please let discuss the issues with the author in private messages.
    10. Do not create topics for discussion Аutоdаtа, Меrсеdes ЕPС, Меrсеdеs WIS, Меrсеdеs Dаs Хеntrу software and books published by Hауnеs.
    11. Do not be sentimental in the comments. It is unacceptable to use phrases like: "Thank you, brother," "a million times thank you", "thank you, I love him," and so on. You have two ways of expressing gratitude: Thanks and Reputation Systems.
    12. The title of the topic must clearly correspond to its meaning. Do not use titles such as "I need help", "Help" etc. The use correct headers facilitates the search for threads.
    13. Sponsored links nature also prohibited. The forum provides another option for these objectives. You should contact the site administrator.

    Be a full user forum can only be subject to the above requirements. Failure to comply will lead you to ban. The rules may be amended, the entry into force of which will be notified all of users.
    For getting a detailed information you can contact the administrator or moderator.
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