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DIY Auto Repair Car Collection

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    Jul 17, 2016
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    DIY Auto Repair Car Collection

    There are lots of auto repair and auto maintenance tasks that you can do yourself with little experience and simple tools. Troubleshooting will lead you to a repair that you can do yourself to save money and time. This list of DIY repairs and important maintenance tips will really help to keep your car in top shape, avoiding costly repairs later.

    Archive DIY Auto Repair Car Collection video contains:

    Cdx overhead series

    Ase task area 1
    Engine repair
    Engine configurations and operating systems
    Engine cycles and components – gasoline
    Engine cycles and components – diesel
    Engine cycles and components – rotary
    Engine major constructional components
    Engine internal components and assemblies
    Engine cooling systems and components
    Engine lubrication systems and components

    Ase task area 2
    Automatic transmission/transaxle
    Automatic transmissions – principles
    Automatic transmissions – layout and operation

    Ase task area 3
    Manual drive trains and axles
    Clutches and manual transmissions
    Final drives and drive shafts

    Ase task area 4
    Suspension and steering
    Vehicle configurations and chassis systems
    Steering systems and components
    Suspension systems and components
    Wheels and tire

    Ase task area 5
    Brake systems and components – drum
    Brake systems and components – disc
    Brake systems and components – abs

    Ase task area 6
    Electrical/electronic systems
    Electrical principles
    Ignition systems
    Charging, starting and lighting systems

    Ase task area 7
    Heating and air conditioning systems
    Heating and air conditioning systems

    Ase task area 8
    Engine performance
    Intake and exhaust systems
    Carburetor fuel systems
    Diesel fuel systems
    Efi – principles
    Efi – engine management
    Efi – components
    Emission control systems

    Generic workshop training
    Hand and power tools a – p
    Hand and power tools p - z