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Fine Finishing and Cosmetics Cars

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    Jul 17, 2016
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    Fine Finishing and Cosmetics Cars

    Training video course will explore the visual step-by-step process to restore elements of the body and interior. The video shows the process from the preparation of the vehicle, its cleaning, washing and minor repairs and restoration of the passenger compartment and the car body. The process of restoration of *****ed or scratched paintwork, darkened headlights, rust removal and restoration of oxidized varnish layer, the right car wash, polish the windshield, plastic and leather restoration of the car elements and their updating. It shows complete treatment process and give the original form of metal parts and accessories exterior and interior. The methods for recovery of metal products made of aluminum, stainless steel and coated with chromium used in classic and modern cars. Video "Fine Finishing and Cosmetics Cars" is intended to masters involved in the pre-sale preparation of the car, as well as car owners, who are used to bring the look of the car to perfection with his own hands.