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How to Rebuild a Small-Block Chevy Engine

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    Jul 17, 2016
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    How to Rebuild a Small-Block Chevy Engine

    This DVD includes step-by-step coverage of a small-block Chevy rebuild, from engine teardown to final assembly. The DVD includes more than two hours of footage, with detailed sections showing how to disassemble a used engine, inspect for signs of damage, select replacement parts, buy machine work, check critical component fit, and much more!
    All this is filmed in a bright, professional studio for maximum clarity and detail. The DVD also shows all the work done to the block, crank, rods, and heads at the machine shop, giving you a complete understanding of the process. Computer graphics and animation sequences show operation and assembly of key components.

    2-Hour How to Rebuild a Small-Block Chevy Engine DVD Includes:
    * Engine Disassembly & Inspection
    * Machine Shop Procedures: Boring, Decking, Align-Boring and More!
    * Pre-Assembly: Checking Clearances
    * Final Assembly: Getting Ready to Run
    * Interactive Glossary & Tool Sidebars