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Mitchell OnDemand Vintage (7CD)

Discussion in 'Other Automotive Software' started by Johnny, .

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    Jul 17, 2016
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    Mitchell OnDemand Vintage (7CD)

    A series of 7 discs known manufacturer of software and documentation for car containing several thousand pages of documents, and dedicated to the "old" cars and trucks produced and officially delivered to the United States from 1960 to 1982. It contains wiring diagrams, and repair manuals.

    The first disc contains only the electrical circuits for the local (domestic, any Ford, Chevrolet ...) and import (import, such as BMW, Toyota ...) cars. The second disc - repair information on import, the third - repair information on local US manufacturers.

    Contains information on electrical, repair of chassis and engine for US produced cars (1st drive) trucks (2nd disc) and imported from other countries, of cars and trucks (3rd and 4th disc).
    It is a hypertext catalog of PDF-documents.

    • Proper navigation only into Internet Explorer, so whining about the "bad shows in the opera" remains unanswered.
    • All this runs on a Windows 7 x64 with IE 8.
    • Personally I have autorun menu does not start, so the self-run the IE, we press CTRL + O and open the index.htm file on the CD-ROM, or open the same file from the explorer context menu.
    • Because the contents of the disc - htm and pdf-files can be easily used on other non-windows platforms.