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PSA Schematique 07H (2007)

Discussion in 'Citroen - Peugeot Wiring Diagram' started by Johnny, .

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    Jul 17, 2016
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    PSA Schematique 07H (2007)

    It contains all the basic wiring, block diagrams, wiring diagrams and location of the circuit elements, purpose and location of fuses and connectors pinouts company cars. Also in the program PSA schematique 07H (2007) can be decoded by an electronic control unit or Twin wire his appointment.

    I recommend to download the image recorded on a DVD disc and install it.
    The key installation in the file "Readme".
    When you enter key can slow down a little bit, that's fine.
    In the same window, leave all three "birds".

    Not put quickly, so leave it alone dispatcher tasks. After installing java label can be removed as unnecessary.
    Opens in a browser, it is better to put the "Opera" as the default zoom in on a smaller step. To do this, click on the label "start schematiqe" Right, the creation of the installation, select "properties" and look for the object (the button "file location"), this is usually C: \ App \ schematique \ server \ bin. There is a file browser called Internet loading and set the default "Opera". (right click / open with ... / .... select the program / select "About" and check the box to "Use selected for all types of file.) Then, the" Opera can not open the page. Close it and start with a shortcut. Select the language, etc.

    Tested on Win XP and 7 32bit.

    "Features" installation: Look at the size of the directory C: \ APP \ schematique \ on the disc if it is not big (must be more than 4 gig), then extract the files from the directory on the CD \ Install \ Data \ *. Jar to the directory \ APP \ schematique \ disk space. The installation file is not always fully why that decompresses the data on the hard disk.