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BMW ETK 01/2018

Discussion in 'BMW - Mini - Rolls Royce Software' started by Johnny, .

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    Jul 17, 2016
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    BMW ETK 01/2018

    Catalog of spare parts from the manufacturer. The search is carried out both by the spare part number, and by car model or by VIN car.

    Extras. Information: When installing, turn off TORRENT !!!!!!
    Installing from a DVD or virtual disk!

    To update the program:
    Run the ETK Admin application and select "Data" - "Download published data ..." in the menu, where you specify the path to the disk where the image from this distribution is mounted.

    For a new installation:
    1 The name of the computer (not the user, namely the computer !!!) should be in the Latin alphabet. (Latin alphabet)
    2 Ports must be set to 1027 and 1028 at installation, in the lower fields will already be 2024 and 2025. The application policy for the "correct" ports has changed. It is better to try to leave those that the installation program itself will offer.
    3 Do not fill out the server addresses.
    4 Set the RR directory if you enter the oxford12 password. Password for ZINORO - shenyang15
    5 Market choose Eastern Europe.
    6 The firm and the ID of the business partner 1 and 1 (in both fields).
    If the shortcut to the directory of accessories has disappeared or has not appeared:
    copy the label of the main directory "ETK Lokal" and in the shortcut properties add in the field the object after ETK.exe app = tooth