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ColorQuick Pro CD2010-3

Discussion in 'Other Automotive Software' started by Johnny, .

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    Jul 17, 2016
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    ColorQuick Pro CD2010-3

    software for color matching automotive paint used by automotive manufacturers in the world. It includes technology for precise selection of paint due to its developments and the experience of experts in the field.

    With the help of a special computer program ColorQuick Pro CD2010-3, based on the brand of car, matched the necessary samples of paint enamels. For a full match of color need a car paint code or any painted in the colors of the items, using their professional colorist will paint for your car. From the resulting paint creates a test-sprayed, which will carry out a comparative analysis of the color.
    ColorQuick Pro is one of these programs to calculate the color of paint.

    Technical information and Colour Pages:
    To view technical information (TDS) or Colour Pages Use the program "Docviewer".
    To install "DocViewer" program on your computer, run setup.exe from the folder *: \ DOC \ Select "Install Docviewer".
    it is recommended to use Adobe Acrobat Reader to view