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ECU Programas Softwares Automotivos

Discussion in 'Other Automotive Software' started by derseka, .

  1. derseka

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    Nov 4, 2022
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    ECU Programas Softwares Automotivos

    -ATSG 2017 Automatic Transmission Service Group

    -Bosch ESI Tronic 2018-1 [A1, A2, B1, B2] Full

    -Bosch Zexel ESPI [Zd + Zx + Zw] 2015

    -Benz DTS Monaco [8.16] Database

    -Cummins Insite [v8.8] Full Activation

    -Cummins Calterm [4.7.1] Installation and Activation

    -Dataspin [v3.35] Automatic Battery for Offline [Electrical Obd Fault Code]

    -Denso Fuel Injection Pump ETSI [2017]

    -DAF Davie Runtime [v5.6.1] Davie XDc ll [01.2019]

    -Detroit Diesel Diagnostic Link [DDDL 8.19] with Activation

    -Diesel Repair Desktop DTC Solutions [v2.9.98] + Diesel Explorer

    -Delphi 2021.10b Autocom 2021.11 [Cars & Trucks] Full

    -Dicatec 4.4.2 Full with Activation

    -Doutor IE 2.0 Full with Activation

    -DTS Monaco [9.02] Full Activation

    -Eaton Service Ranger [v4.2]

    -Ford IDS 123 on [VMware]

    -GM DPS v4.53 Development Programming System with Activation

    -Atris 2018.1 on [VMware]

    -Hino Diagnostics Explorer DX3 [v1.23.7]

    -HP Tuners Full with Activation

    -Isuzu E-IDSS 2023.09 Full

    -Mercedes Benz StarFinder 2022 Full

    -Mercedes Selit v14 Trucks Service Literature Full

    -Mercedes Vediamo [v05.01.01] Full

    -Navistar ServiceMaxx v44 Full

    -ODIS-S 23.0.1 Full with Activation

    -Paccar ESA [5.4.3] Full Activation [SW Files 2021]

    -Peugeot Citroen Service Box [DocBackup + Sedre] [11.2013]

    -PSA Diagbox 9.150 Full [License open] [2023]

    -Simplo [2022] Full with Activation

    -SPCMAX MX17 Delphi Full

    -SPCMAX MX17 Delphi [VMware]

    -Scania SDP3 [v2.58.3]

    -TecnoCar [2021.6]

    -Tolerance Data [v.02.2009]

    -Toyota TIS Techstream [v18.00.008]

    -Volvo Vida [2015A]

    -Wabco Toolbox Plus [v13.7.0.1]

    -WOW CIS [v.1.9.0]

    -Wurth Wow [5.00.12]