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Isuzu EPC Japan 03/2011

Discussion in 'Suzuki - Isuzu Software' started by Johnny, .

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    Jul 17, 2016
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    Isuzu EPC Japan 03/2011

    Electronic parts catalog for all models of cars. The program can search for parts by vin-code car. Product presented at the 9 CD and contains not only the number of original spare parts, but also to illustrate the car arrangements, where you can visually find the necessary parts and accessories to you. The program is compatible only with Windows 2000 / XP. For those who can not install the directory is present in the archive configured the VMware virtual machine, which can run on VMware Player, open their Isuzu EPC.vmx file from this archive.

    Also in the archive configured virtual machine VMware. To work with catalogs Isuzu EPC Japan 03/2011 download VMware Player player that is compatible with your version of Windows, and VMware virtual machines is not lower than 6.5. After installing and launching the player VMware Player, open their Isuzu EPC.vmx file from the archive.

    The program only Japanese art rooms and body frames ISUZU (passenger and cargo).

    The program interface is in Japanese, but intuitive.

    Extras. Info: Print, you need to open network access to the printer on the local operating system, adjust virtual machine and the host operating system to use the same workgroup (for example, WORKGROUP), then add and make the default printer the one to which open network access.