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Porsche PET PIWIS 7.3 PLUS 397 (2016)

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    Jul 17, 2016
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    Porsche PET PIWIS 7.3 PLUS 397 (2016)

    The original spare parts catalog for the Porsche car, updating prices and the data manually.

    As part of the renovation PET 397 in addition to regular data updates and will update the software to version Porsche PET PIWIS 7.3 PLUS 397 (2016). In this version we have introduced some new features and capabilities implemented based on feedback from our colleagues from different markets.
    As part of the renovation PET 397 PET were uploaded photos about 2000 parts of the range Porsche Classic, as well as about 1,200 photos of standard parts (such as screws, nuts). For some components more photos uploaded.

    The number of pictures available in PET, will steadily increase over time.
    In the spring of 2015, vehicle information displayed in the PET when you enter the chassis number, for four additional fields included: additional applications, domestic equipment code, color code and the number of rugs seat combination. Now the vehicle information has been supplemented by several other fields. In the version of PET 7.3 Plus will also display the car release date, body color, as well as public information campaigns

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