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Porsche POSES 2.42 (2006)

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    Jul 17, 2016
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    Porsche POSES 2.42 (2006)

    Dealer information base on diagnostics and repair of Porsche cars, contains a complete description of technology of repair, maintenance, diagnostics, body works, spare parts for guarantee replacement, and a lot of other information. The program provides information on the vehicles produced for the German and American markets. Information is available in English and German.

    The catalog contains:
    Workshop Manual - the basic Radel on repair and diagnostics - there you will find the location of the identification data, the device features separate mechanisms and units, standards of different parameters (volumes of refueling capacities, wheel alignment, etc.), used by the special diagnostic and repair equipment and special tools , the description of works on assembly, disassembly, adjustment, repair and diagnostics, information about the location of components and tools pr. Specifically, for the diagnostician the following information: location of the diagnostic connector in vehicles, detailed tables of the transcripts of fault codes indicating the possible causes of faults, symptoms, well as consistency checks to fix the problem, a description of the content of the current settings read blocks indicating the standard values, work with adaptation and other channels.

    The program also includes Porsche POSES 2.42 (2006) includes:
    • Product workstations
    • Product DTCs
    • Guide service technology
    • Repair manual
    • The inspection and maintenance services

    With the help of Porsche ETKA interface (PETKA) fast access to the numbers of spare parts.

    IMPORTANT!!! This version is not compatible with ELSA.